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Personal Trainers

Decades of experience, 100’s of success stories.

Whether it is traditional or functional training, pre/post rehabilitation therapy, pad work, weight loss or overall well being, our trainers will make it as easy and engaging as possible.

Dave Hughes


Dave Hughes


Dave Hughes boxing


Dave Hughes personal trainer working out doing lat pulldown


(High Intensity Interval Training)

Dave Hughes training a client


Dave Hughes training a client
Dave has been great since I started having personal training sessions with him. He keeps me motivated to keep coming back, which is a tough job! He's very personable, so easy to get on with and clearly knows his stuff. My fitness levels have improved so much, my body shape is changing, I feel generally better and I feel stronger. Thanks Dave!


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It’s no secret that staying fit requires serious effort. And whether you’re planning to get toned for a special event or you want to raise your endurance levels, working out with a personal trainer will ensure you get the results you want – and safely!

I have over 10 years of experience as a personal trainer and am fully committed to help my clients accomplish their goals and also improve their overall wellbeing.
I work with athletes looking to improve their competitive abilities all the way to beginners keen to enhance their level of health and fitness. My clients are of different abilities and their ages range from 8-78.
Yes – you’re never too young or old! I also offer boxing training as I box in my spare time.

Thanks to my significant experience in the industry, I specialise in strength and conditioning, fat/weight loss & short term weight manipulation (for competition), boxing training, HIIT and muscle gain. Whatever concerns or doubts you may have, I assure you that there’s no such thing as impossible; it’s all about consistency and a mind-shift. 

David Hughes boxing


Kwame has been a trainer for over 20 years,  19 years of which was spent training clients at Stoke Park Club, a 5 star hotel and spa facility.

With a background competing at county level 
Athletics, Kwame understands the importance of training for the improvement of cardiovascular fitness, strength , coordination, balance as well as for a healthy mind.

As a certified level 5  Sports Remedial Massage Therapist, Kwame applies his knowledge of anatomy & physiology to plan and execute individualised sessions for optimal results.

Kwame is a fun and thoughtful trainer, always welcoming and encouraging clients to  give their all.

Kwame personal trainer
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